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From 06 October 2016 to 12 May 2017

The season of performances at the Como's Theatre "Teatro Sociale" has started

The beautiful ...

From 21 October 2016 to 03 September 2017
From 05 February to 30 April 2017

Inauguration on Saturday 4th February at 18:00

From 01 to 30 April 2017
Lecco ARTE MIGRANTE Art Exhibitions

Inauguration on Friday 31st March at 18:00

From 08 April to 28 May 2017

Inside the house there will be old and valuable tea and coffee services; you will be able to see the little and ...

From 08 April to 21 May 2017

Meyer was born in Zurigo in 1787 and was one of th most important landscape painter of Switzerland; the exhibition ...

From 08 April to 06 May 2017

Twenty-seven artists, about fifty works, the collaboration of collectors and not to celebrate Easter.

From 08 to 30 April 2017
Varenna PERCHÉ VERITÀ SIA LIBERA Art Exhibitions

Photo exhibition.

From 08 April to 05 May 2017
Lecco L'URLO Art Exhibitions

"La Nassa" Art Gallery will show an exposition curated by Daniela Colli, Gianluigi Fumagalli e ...

From 15 April to 01 May 2017

art exhibition

From 20 April to 23 June 2017

Exhibition made by the group Lablu'; 8 artists will present their works of art.

From 27 April to 01 May 2017

A wonderful occasion to have fun where jugglers can show their world to the people.

If you would like to see ...