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The locals' innate attachment to the surrounding territory, its traditions and its identity is manifested all year round through annual pageants and festivals that take place in many towns along the lake. Some are of historical and religious origin, others are just simple rites tied to the change of season. Not to miss is the lively carnival at Schignano in the Intelvi Valley, and the Baradello Festival in Como itself with a parade in medieval costumes, the Feast of S. Giovanni on the Island Comacina with its big fire work display. Not to forget historical revivals such as the "Pesa Vegia", an extremely successful secular and sacred revival that takes place every year in Bellano the day before Epiphany.The fancy dress ceremony takes us back to the period of Spanish domination and more precisely to one incident connected to the introduction of a new system of measuring weight which, the Bellano inhabitants manage to avoid, keeping their own measurement “la pesa vegia”. As well as the reenactments you can see, in a unique and popular way, a live Nativity scene, the procession of the Three Kings, King Herod’s Castle, and bonfi re on the shores of the lake. Lively is also the "Premana Rivive l'Antico" and the Sagre delle Sagre (the feast of the feasts) in Valsassina. Exiting are also the regattas of the typical Lucia boats.