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Alessandro Volta

Alessandro Volta was born in 1745 in Como and is without a doubt the most famous of Como’s illustrious citizens. He was an extremely famous scientist and in 1799 he invented the electric torch, ancestor to the modern battery. The electric torch invention was so important that Volta’s name was given to the electricity measurement, today known as the volt. For several years the Physics professorship in Pavia’s University was givento Alessandro Volta.
There is much evidence around the city that celebrates the memory of this Scientist:
The Voltiano Temple, small museum filled with original relics and instruments; Gattoni Tower, where Alessandro Volta began his scientific-experiment training; Liceo Alessandro Volta, a beautiful neoclassic building where Alessandro Volta was a teacher, even nowadays a very prestigious school; San Donnino church in via Diaz, where the scientist was christened the day after he was born; The house where he was born, marked by a memorial plaque at number 62 of Via Volta; The monument by Pompeo Marchesi, dedicated to Alessandro Volta in the same named piazza; Alessandro Volta’s tomb, found in the hamlet of Camnago Volta’s cemetery; The lighthouse in San Maurizio di Brunate, open for visiting, built in 1927 in the centenary year of Alessandro Volta’s death.


VOLTA TEMPLE Viale Marconi
For information: Phone No. +39 031 252550/574705 - musei.civici@comune.como.it - www.comune.como.it
This small neoclassical temple built in 1927 to house the great scientist Alessandro Volta’s relics contains interesting historical fi ndings connected to the scientist’s personal and professional life, such as his instruments and inventions among which is the fi rst version of the electric torch.